Important information concerning Prague gigaevent


Giga event will take place - either on May 1.-3. as planned or on alternative dates

Yesterday (March 10) the Czech government decided to ban all events with expected participation over 100 people due to the coronavirus outbreak. The end of the ban has not been announced yet. The situation is developing rapidly and the restrictions may disappear as quickly as they appeared. It is still 7 weeks to the event date.

This is an extremely difficult situation for us all - both organisers and visitors. We have invested two years of work into this event. The expected participation is about ten thousand people, half of them will come from abroad. Many geocachers have booked accommodation and flights long time ago.

Therefore, we continue with preparations full speed to hold the event in May as planned, if the situation permits. The interest of geocachers across the world is very high and registrations continue to grow.

At the same time, however, we are discussing possible September dates, to be ready in case the ban is not lifted before May. The related events - including GPS Maze and Community Celebration - would be postponed too.

We hope that the situation will calm down in the coming weeks. At the same time we are fully aware that we cannot control the external factors. If we were forced to reschedule the gigaevent for September, we would prepare a contact point in May, where it would be possible to pick up ordered geocoins and T-shirts.

We expect the situation to be clarified by 31 March. You can find up-to-date news on the giga event here or at event FB page

Thank you for your support,
Geocaching Prague 2020 Team