Save the date 3. May 2025

Big event to celebrate

25. Years of Geocaching

Let us meet in Prague for a big celebration

May 1st is a public holiday (Czech Republic and Germany, for example), and in 2025 it falls on a Thursday - allowing visitors a convenient way to travel to Prague for a long weekend.

May 2nd is the anniversary of the end of "selective availability", which made geocaching possible.

Selective Availability was an intentional degradation of public GPS signals implemented for security reasons. When selective availability was enabled, this added 50 meters of error horizontally and 100 meters vertically to GPS signals.

The main day of celebration will be Saturday 3 May - the anniversary of the first geocache.

The listing for the main event and GPS Maze will be published on May 3, 2024, as the rules allow the listing to be published no earlier than one year before the event.
Listings for side events can be published no earlier than six months before the event, in autumn 2024.

We are still working on the program, but one thing is certain – in addition to the main big event, the GPS Maze will also be part of the celebrations

Before Christmas, Geocaching HQ announced the possibility to use the Block Party icon for the 2025 big events, which was previously only available in Seattle and only very rarely.

The following rules apply:

- An event can only have just one of the icons - either Mega/Giga or Block Party.

- The organizers must decide on the choice before the event is published, no additional changes are possible.

- It is not possible to have more of these types of events in one place at the same time, close or soon after each other. Minimum distance is 5 hours drive.

- Therefore, no other Mega/Giga/Block Party event can be organized within 5 hours drive from Prague during the whole weekend.

Due to the complexity of organizing Giga Events, of which there have been only 11 worldwide so far (including 2 in the Czech Republic), compared to the much lower requirements for Mega Events, we can expect at least several dozen Block Party events worldwide next year and only one or two Giga events.

Last year there were 58 Mega Events worldwide (8 of which were in the Czech Republic), all of which were potential Block Party events. In addition, it looks like there will be more Block Party events that would otherwise struggle to reach Mega Event status. So it seems that Giga Event will still be an order of magnitude rarer type of event than Block Party even taking into account the fact that HQ has only released them for 2025. In the future, Giga Events will not be frequent either.

So we will be aiming for a Giga Event!

However, the event will be published as a mega. In order to reach the Giga Event, the event will need to get at least 3000 Will Attend logs.

Attention - the GPS Maze will take place on the same day as the main ??ga event in Prague.

The publication will take place exactly one year before the event, i.e. this year on May 3rd. Keep your fingers crossed!

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Geocaching events

In geocaching, events are meetings of geocaching players. They offer the opportunity to meet other geocachers and an interesting program.

Larger events are labeled as mega or giga. For an event to be designated as a megaevent, it must have at least 300 registered participants and an interesting program. To be labeled a gigaevent, there must be a minimum of 3000 geocachers registered for the event. Geocachers register for the event through the Will Attend log.

There have been a total of 11 gigaevents in the world so far. In the Czech Republic itself, two gigaevents have taken place.

GPS Maze Europe events - 6 of these special events have been held in Europe so far - here you can see a list of all GPS Maze Europe events.

So far only three times in the history of geocaching it has been possible to organize a gigaevent and a GPS Maze event in one place - in 2015, 2017 and 2022. In all these cases, the team of the Czech Association of Geocaching participated in the organization or was directly the main organizer.