Save the date 3. May 2025

Big event to celebrate

25. years of geocaching

Let us meet in Prague for a big celebration

May 1 is the anniversary of the end of "selective availability", which made geocaching possible.

It's a public holiday (Czech Republic and Germany, for example), and in 2025 it falls on a Thursday - allowing visitors a convenient way to travel to Prague for a long weekend.

Selective Availability was an intentional degradation of public GPS signals implemented for security reasons. When selective availability was enabled, this added 50 meters of error horizontally and 100 meters vertically to GPS signals.

The main day of celebration will be Saturday 3 May - the anniversary of the first geocache.

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Geocaching events

Events are meeting of geocachers. Events offer opportunity to meet other geocachers and interesting program.

Bigger events are called mega or giga events. In order to achieve megaevent icon the event must have 300 or more registered participants. In order to achieve gigaevent status event must have minimum 3000 registered geocachers. Geocachers register through Will Attend log.