Geocaching events

In geocaching, events are meetings of geocaching players. They offer the opportunity to meet other geocachers and an interesting program.

Larger events are labeled as mega or giga. For an event to be designated as a megaevent, it must have at least 300 registered participants and an interesting program. To be labeled a gigaevent, there must be a minimum of 3000 geocachers registered for the event. Geocachers register for the event through the Will Attend log.

There have been a total of 11 gigaevents in the world so far. In the Czech Republic itself, two gigaevents have taken place.

GPS Maze Europe events - 6 of these special events have been held in Europe so far - here you can see a list of all original GPS Maze Europe events.

So far only three times in the history of geocaching it has been possible to organize a gigaevent and a GPS Maze event in one place - in 2015, 2017 and 2022. In all these cases, the team of the Czech Association of Geocaching participated in the organization or was directly the main organizer.

Geocaching Event Codes

The ambition of large event organisers is to have an interesting GC code, that represents the event in the geocaching system. Geocaching HQ does not provide event "custom" codes. It takes a lot of effort and time to "hunt" a nice code. We managed to get the code GCAGGGG for our main event thanks to the efforts of several team members.

However, the earliest a major event can be published is a year before the event. So the code will be active after the event is published on May 3, 2024.

Why it is important to log Will Attend for events

First of all, it will help the organizers with the preparation and planning of the event. Only thanks to the number of Will Attend logs will they be able to estimate how many participants to expect. Without this, it is impossible to prepare any event properly.

The organizer needs to know if the people will fit in the hall, or if the hall is unnecessarily large. There is a need to provide sufficient area for parking. How much to do CWG? Will there be enough refreshments? And it is good to know in advance how many caddies will be needed.

Log your WA log as soon as possible, don't leave it until the night before the event.

You will find Will Attend useful by getting information from the organisers, called "announcements". Changes may occur during the preparations, the organization is being refined before the event - you should not miss such information.

When to log WA

  • You are definitely planning to attend - log Will Attend.
  • Thinking of coming to the event but not sure - log Will Attend.

Logs like this are useful and will help organisers with preparation and planning. Even better, put how many of you are likely to attend in the log, perhaps something like "The whole family will be there - me, my wife, three kids and a dog."

When not to log WA

  • You know for sure you're not coming - so don't log Will Attend.

Such a log would be confusing and give the organizers misleading numbers.

When to delete the WA log

  • If you were planning on coming to the event and end up getting caught up in it, then delete your Will Attend or change it to a Write Note if necessary.